How to use a custom creative template?

  1. Create a new or open one of an existing line item;
  2. Click the Creatives tab, then click on the button ADD CREATIVE;
  3. From the popup list select New creative > [a size from selected sizes in line-item settings];
  4. Search for and select a previously installed template in the "Custom creative template" block, then click on the button CONTINUE;
  5. Fill the form and click the button SAVE;
  6. A confirmation message will appear. A creative adding process is completed.

After that, you can check a creative on your website or check it on a new window.

Please note that creative may not appear in the "Preview" tab itself due to Google Ad Manager's technical limitations. Try to check creative on a new window or a site.

More about how to add creatives, you can read on Google Ad Manager's official pages.