Managing HTML and ZIP Files with Creative Templates

Working with Google Ad Manager (GAM) using our creative templates is generally straightforward, but uploading HTML or ZIP files can be a bit tricky since GAM doesn't support direct uploads within templates. No worries—this guide will help you navigate through the process of getting your HTML content and ZIP bundles up and running with our templates.

Please note, not all templates support HTML creatives. The following templates currently do not support HTML creatives: Slash, Cube, Rotator, Roller, Carousel.

Single HTML File or HTML Code

If your HTML file is simple, without additional elements like images or styles, or if you only have HTML code, follow these steps:

  • In GAM, add a creative by selecting a template.
  • Locate the "HTML code" field (though some templates might label this differently).
  • Copy and paste your entire HTML file source code into this field.
  • Ensure “HTML code” is selected in the “Source Type” field to use this code as a source.

In this scenario, you can utilize GAM macros within your code for functionalities like click tracking. Here's a list of all available macros - Google Ad Manager Macros.

HTML File with Additional Files or ZIP Bundles

If your HTML file comes with additional files (like stylesheets, images) or is part of a ZIP bundle, you'll need to host the HTML creative on your server and then link to the HTML file in the template.

If your HTML files and additional files are in a folder (and not bundled in a ZIP), you may skip the extraction step below. For ZIP bundles—considered as packed suitcases of different items like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images etc.—follow these steps:

  • Extract the ZIP bundle into a separate folder using any archive tool, like the built-in archive tool on your OS, or 7zip.
  • Utilize a tool like FileZilla to upload your HTML file and related files to a server, or you could use Amazon S3.
  • Once online, copy the web address (URL) of your HTML file. Verify by opening the copied URL in a new browser tab to see the banner. If the banner displays correctly, proceed to the next steps.
  • In GAM, open the template and paste the URL in the designated field (usually “File URL”), and select “iFrame” in the “Source Type” field.

This method is also applicable for a single HTML file.

Alternative Hosting Method for a Single HTML File or ZIP Bundle on GAM

For a single HTML file or a ZIP bundle, there's an alternative method to host them directly on GAM, which can then be utilized within a custom creative template. This method requires a basic understanding of HTML. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to "Delivery > Creatives" on the left-hand side in GAM.
  • Click the “New creative” button.
  • Select an advertiser, ensuring it matches the advertiser you plan to use when adding a creative from a creative template.
  • Choose “HTML5” creative type by clicking “Select”.
  • Upload your HTML file or ZIP bundle and complete the other required fields.
  • After uploading, preview it in a new window, then use Chrome's developer tools to find the Google-hosted web address (URL) of your file. Verify by opening the URL in a new tab to view the ad. If the ad displays correctly, use this URL in your template.
  • The subsequent steps are the same as described above.