How to generate a creative (creative template) preview URL?

Each website and its GAM (Google Ad Manager) tags setup is different. Therefore we usually ask for a preview URL to provide better and faster support. Here are steps to generate a preview URL:

  • Sign In to your Google Ad Manager account.
  • Navigate to the settings page (Settings tab) of the line item that has the creative you want to preview.
  • From the settings page of a line item, click the Creatives tab.
  • Find the creative you want preview among the list of creatives and click its name.
  • The creative details (Settings tab) page appears; click the Preview tab.
  • Click On site in the creative's "Preview" tab and enter the Site URL of the page where you'd like to preview the creative.
  • Click Show preview URL to see an automatically-generated URL you can share with us (and others).

Here are the official instructions and more details regarding previewing creatives.