From YouTube to Your Files: New Video Banner Generation Tools

In our continuous endeavor to simplify and enhance ad creation for Google Ad Manager (GAM), we’ve made significant upgrades to our banner generation tools. Here’s an insight into what’s new:

YouTube Banner Generator Update:

Our initial tool allowed for the creation of video banners from YouTube links, which played in a loop with a sound button, among other features​​. The tool can be accessed here: YouTube Embedded Banner Generator. This tool provided a simplified method to create banners by filling out the necessary fields such as the YouTube video link, banner size, click through URL, and settings like showing a play/pause or mute/unmute button​.

New Video Banner Generator:

We’ve expanded our toolkit with a new Video Banner Generator, enabling the creation of video banners directly from video files in MP4, WebM, or Ogg formats. Similar to the YouTube banner generator, this tool provides fields for specifying banner size, click through URL, and other settings to tailor your banner to your needs​. The tool can be accessed here: Video Banner Generator.


With the new Video Banner Generator, you now have more flexibility by using your video files. This is particularly useful when you have content not available on YouTube or prefer using a different video source.

Both tools are designed with a user-friendly interface to prepare your banners for Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP), ensuring a seamless integration with templates.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to try out these tools and share your experience. Your insights help us in refining our tools to better suit your ad creation needs.