Serve HTML5 ads easier in DFP with new creative template – Iframer

Iframer - DoubleClick for Publishers creative template

We often receive HTML5 ads that we can’t upload to DFP for various reasons by maintaining our publisher’s websites daily. One of the main reason we can’t upload is HTML5 ads without click-through URL implemented.

We update these ads to make click tracking working with the method we had described previously and upload updated HTML5 ads back to DFP. If we can’t upload these ads to DFP anyway or there are other reasons we can’t upload ads to the ad server, then we host them on publishers servers and add to DFP as third-party creative.

There are many cases when DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) HTML5 creative type to upload HTML5 ads can’t be used. For example ads with SVG images included or server-side generated ads.

Therefore we created the creative template for DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business to make HTML5 ads serving daily process easier. Now we just upload a banner to publisher’s server and provide ad document URL and click-through URL in the creative template.

View more about this DFP creative template’s features in template’s product page.

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