Why We Started Creating Custom Creative Templates for Google Ad Manager

Some of our local client publishers were looking for a way to automate their ad serving process and increase revenue from ad sales. These publishers received up to 3 million monthly page views, and their budget was limited. We discovered that DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business (DFP) was the best choice for their needs.

DFP was a free ad server hosted by Google, and it was perfect for publishers that served less than 90 million monthly ad impressions. None of our clients reached that limit at the time, so we introduced DFP Small Business with fixed ad slot sizes, which worked well for a long time.

However, as time went on, advertisers and agencies asked for modern ad serving solutions to increase brand awareness. Our clients also wanted to show rich media creatives, but none of the available solutions in DFP Small Business were suitable for their needs. As a result, we began implementing rich media creative templates for DFP, which proved to be an excellent solution. Our client publishers were able to increase revenue from ad sales, and other publishers soon began asking for these creative templates as well.

We decided to create a website, www.genecy.com, to offer custom creative templates for publishers who use Google Ad Manager (GAM), which was formerly known as DFP. GAM is the new name for the ad server, and the free version of GAM Small Business is similar to DFP Small Business. We continue to use user reviews to improve these creative templates and develop new ones for GAM.

If you’re looking for creative templates that can help you increase your revenue from ad sales, please visit www.genecy.com to find out which template best suits your needs.