New template: Cube

Template for GAM: Cube

Recently we released a new template for Google Ad Manager (GAM), called Cube.

We see a lot of cube ads on various local websites. As we know, mainly those ads are served in our country (Latvia) by a single advertising agency. But anyway those ads become popular, and we like those. But why?

A swiping of a cube banner on mobile devices – it’s like a mini-game. You though want to know what are on other cube’s sides. Are we right? Opposit to usual banners, users can find out it immediately by just swiping. No need to wait unspecified time like in other banners. It’s great banner type to increase CTR.


The template Cube for GAM allows easily to make a 3d cube within GAM. No technical knowledge required. Just get four images in one size and click-through URL to create a cube, but the template will do the remaining job – swiping, rotation, etc. The template has many options you can change to make the best appearance and user experience.

Here are the main template features:

  • generates 3d cube from four one size images;
  • supports swiping with mouse or touches;
  • finishes rotation on swiping event end;
  • responsive;
  • directional buttons for spinning;
  • changeable rotating speed;
  • rotates every X seconds automatically;
  • supports Google Ad Manager “Active View” feature.

We plan to update Cube with the following features in the next releases:

  • rotate cube vertically (x-axis);
  • set a click URL for each side (image).

The template can be purchased separately or within the all-templates pack. If you have bought all-templates pack already, you can download this template from your downloads page.

We will be happy to hear your ideas on this template and new ad formats.

View GAM template CUBE product page.