Updated Template Installation Options in Google Ad Manager

Back on April 20, 2018, we encountered an issue with the import/export functionality in DoubleClick for Publishers (now Google Ad Manager, GAM). This led us to develop a “Manual Installation” module to ease the template installation process for our clients. This module provided step-by-step instructions for installing each GAM template, with a design mirroring the GAM form to simplify the process.

We also integrated a ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button next to each text field to speed up copy/paste tasks. Access to this module was via a “Manual Installation” button placed next to the “Download” button.

Fast forward to now, the file import functionality in GAM has long been restored, simplifying the template installation process once more. However, we continue to offer the “Manual Installation” module as an alternative for our clients. Our aim remains to provide flexible and user-friendly installation options for our Genecy templates.