Why creative templates for DoubleClick for Publishers?

Some of our local client publishers asked for the ad server to automate ad serving process and get more revenue from ad sales. Their websites get up to 3 million page views monthly; a budget was limited. We found that DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business was the best choice.

Ad server hosted by Google and for free if publisher serves less than 90 million monthly ad impressions. None of the client publishers could reach that limits then.

We introduced DFP Small Business for our customers with fixed ad slot sizes. This solution was good for quite a long time. But as time goes on advertisers and agencies asked for modern ad serving solutions to increase brand awareness more and more. Therefore our clients asked for possibilities to show rich media creatives.

When we explored DFP Small Business ad serving options, we discovered that none of the available rich media solutions suitable to our client publishers. Therefore we started to implement rich media creative templates for DFP. The result was excellent Рthese templates helped our client publishers get much more revenue from ad sales and still helps them. Other publishers wanted these creative templates also.

We have made this website to offer these custom creative templates for much more publishers who uses DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business for ad serving. And users reviews allows us to improve these creative templates and make new great templates for DFP.

Find out which creative template best suits Your needs.