How to update custom creative template?

Before you update

Please ensure that you meet the requirements to install a custom creative template.

Part 1: Download and extract files

Download a custom creative template from your purchase page and unzip the files to your local computer with a compression tool. There will be creative template file with the extension ".dfp-template".

If you haven't received an email or lost the link to your purchase page, follow instructions here.

Part 2: Import updated creative template to DFP

1. Sign In to your DFP account.

2. Select desired DFP account if you have multiple accounts.

3. Navigate to the Delivery tab.

4. Click Creatives -> Creative templates in the left panel.

5. Click on the user-defined template you want to update, and then click Import.

If you made any changes to this creative template, they will be lost. Make a copy of your changes made previously.

6. You will be asked to select a file. Select creative template file (with extension ".dfp-template") from unzipped archive.

Import completion notification will appear after a short moment.

Keep Reporting option "Serve into a SafeFrame" unchanged after import. Changes to this value can break a template.

If you use imported creative template for out-of-page line items, select Reporting option "Count impressions only when fully rendered". Otherwise keep this option unchecked.

7. You can change imported template's name, default values and other values if you want, read more.

8. Click Save at the bottom of the page. Creative template update notification will appear after.

Now a creative template is updated.

Part 3: Use creative template

After the update, you can add creatives with this template to line items, read more.

Previously added creatives with this template will work as before update (except bugfixes if included in update).