Update for DFP template Expander (v1.31)

We released the update for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) template “Expander“.

Expanded on load

Creative is loaded in collapsed state usually. This option allows load creative in expanded state on load.

Expanding with push-down effect

Enabled this option pushes down the content of the web page when the creative expands. It works when expand direction is set to “Bottom” only.

Auto-collapse after time delay

Set time (in seconds) after Expander creative collapses automatically. The default value is “0” which disables this auto-collapse option.

Retrieve state of creative template

Now you can use HTML5 ads in this creative template which change contents depending on the creative state. For example, play video when creative is expanded and pause a video when creative is collapsed. Read more.


Expander v1.31

Test new features

DFP Expander template’s Live Preview page also is updated with new options. Test these new features here.

How do I update?

All the current DFP template’s users are aware of this update by email. Contact us if you haven’t received this email and purchased this template. Update instructions included in this email.