Update for DFP template Floater

We released the update for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business template “Floater“.

New click-tracking option for HTML5 ads

Now You can track clicks for HTML5 ads without “clickTag” variable implemented. Just upload HTML5 ad to Your server, enter URL to the banner and set the option “Add global clickTag” value to “Yes” in the creative template.

New auto-close option

Set time (in seconds) after Floater creative closed automatically. The default value is “0” which disable this auto-close option.


Floater v1.21

Test new features

DFP Floater template’s Live Preview page also is updated with new options. Test these new features here.

How do I update?

All the current DFP template’s users are aware of this update by email. Contact us if you haven’t received this email and purchased this template. Update instructions included in this email.