Month in Review: May and June 2019

We have grouped May and June updates in this two months post, no enough big news for a separate post in May. But that doesn’t mean we have done less than previous months; just in the process some complicated tasks.


We have released three updates for two templates in May and June.

  • Parallaxer, the first, received updated 3rd-party tags serving method. Previously, some tags, like DCM “ins” tags, don’t execute correctly and therefore no tracking stats sent to external resources. Now, 3rd-party tags are served safely via “iframe” tags.
  • Interstitial has received two visible changes. The first, a new closing type additionally to other closing options – a closing button over a layer (a banner). The closing button position can be controlled, or it can be hidden at all. The second, the template now accepts a separate creative for a portrait view, useful for mobile devices. In a result, a single creative of this template can be served for various devices where a horizontal creative appears on landscape devices and a vertical creative on portrait screens. Also, Interstitial executes 3rd-party tags with the identical method as in Parallaxer now.

Ongoing tasks

We have changed closest plans, and some previously mentioned ongoing tasks are delayed or even suspended.

  • We are rebuilding Parallaxer fully. It should work much smoother on mobile devices and will have a few new features. Can’t say do a foreground image feature will be among those features. Rebuilding is taking much more time than expected, planning to release the new Parallaxer soon.
  • We are working on a new template. Soon will be all the details about it.
  • WP plugin for easier Google Ad Manager tags installation is suspended indefinitely. We haven’t time for the plugin at this moment. Sorry.

Other notes

On June 3 Google published release notes for Google Ad Manager where they are suggesting to change an URL to the hosted GPT library. URL with the domain “” changes to “”. You can optimize GPT speed with those changes. We haven’t tested does it improves performance for real, but we assume it does and it’s worth doing it.