New DFP template installation option

Since Friday (April 20) not working import/export functionality in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) ad-server. This is the first time when DFP has such a problem in last few years. We had to find a fast solution to provide a possibility to install purchased templates for our clients. We found and implemented. 🙂

We created the special module called “Manual installation”. This module shows detailed instructions on how to install each DFP template. As this installation method requires much more manual steps, we created a design and layout similar to DFP form, and with functionality that makes the manual installation process as easy as possible. We also added a button to each text field that copies its value in the clipboard. That saves a lot of time for copy/paste tasks.

Access to this module by clicking on the button “Manual installation” that is next to button “Download”.

Anyway, to import file is much easier. We are hoping Google will fix this issue soon.