Special custom creative template for client

One of our clients asked for a custom creative template that looks good on its websites and can increase CTR. Publishers steadily are seeking ways to improve CTR (click-through rate) to increase revenue from advertising.

Such were the requirements:

  • a banner appears as Leaderboard Banner (horizontal banner placed at the top of the page) mainly;
  • if the banner isn’t visible in browser viewport for enough time, it appears as a sticky banner, maintain fixed position to browser top while user scrolls;
  • goes back to initial ad container when a user scrolls back to the top of the page if the banner was sticky;
  • banner in the sticky state is visible for a limited time and after that banner closes automatically and goes back to initial ad container;
  • shows a close button with radial progress bar when the banner is sticky;
  • the progress bar indicates time after sticky banner will be closed;
  • template disable auto-close functionality for the sticky banner when a user hovers banner.