Last six months

Visiting our blog lately you definetelly have noticed that there are no new posts since February. In this time we have redesigned almoust entire website for our DFP templates, released a lot updates for current DFP custom creative templates and released one new template – Baselayer.

Despite previous website design was for one year, it was too outdated and it hadn’t a lot of features we are requiring now. Now each DFP template’s page represents its features better with new layout and much larger preview thumbnails. We hope it is. We created block with release notes for each product also. Everyone can see now that our templates updated regulary with bugfixes and new features.

What next?

In next month we will release DFP template generator. With this generator you could customize every our DFP template, like change template name, default values, disable some unused features to make template easier for usage, change template appearance (like close button design), etc.

We also working on new DFP templates and updating current. Next updates release notes we will publish on product pages and Facebook mainly not here, in blog.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to release better products.